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Ladder Manufacturer for 2006 Pulsare 2000 BR? Need new spring...

xsv spd

Hoping someone can help me source out a replacement spring for my Pulsare's ladder. I contacted Caldwell some time ago but as I can see they are 'unavailable'. One of the four springs broke last summer when one of my watersports enthusiasts forgot to fold the ladder up after boarding. Here is a picture... Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist!2006 Pulsare 2000 BR Ladder Spring.jpg


Active member
Have you tried a well stocked hardware store, that doesn't look like that hard of a spring to fab/come up with??? Good luck

xsv spd

I've tried a specialty fastener supply store. Nothing there. Stainless stee in a specific length diameter and gauge is surprisingly hard to find. Probably easier to just order from the ladder manufacturer. Might cost more but it will be the correct replacement. Thanks 😊


Active member
You have to search marine manufactures web sites and see who made them for Checkmate. GGschmitt, even great lakes skipper shop, I have been through this but always ended up finding the part I needed.

xsv spd

Multiple attempts with multiple suppliers and this is too time consuming for a silly spring...Lee Spring was the closest match. Short story here, the solution is two needle nose pliers and about 10 minutes of your time. Stretch out the broken part of the old spring and form a new loop. And done. Only certain people would notice one of the four ladder springs has 16 loops in it compared to the 3 others at 17 loops. Thanks for those who offered assistance.