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Recent content by Chellems

  1. C

    Has anyone tried a 2" Short lower on a Stiletto?

    I have an opportunity to purchase a Bravo 1 drive with the Imco -2" Shorty lower unit. Has anyone tried this combination? I am pushing over 86 MPH GPS now (88 GPS one time) and am trying to reach 90. Currently my 33P prop is 4" below the bottom of the boat.
  2. C

    How did you make out with your prop testing?

    How did you make out with your prop testing?
  3. C

    30P Bravo 1 mint condition

    Here is a photo
  4. C

    30P Bravo 1 mint condition

    Yes the prop is still available.
  5. C

    June 2020 Get together Keuka Lake

    Anyone interested in another Checkmate get together 19-June-2021?
  6. C

    June 2020 Get together Keuka Lake

    We are looking to have a Checkmate rally on Saturday 19-June-2021 on Keuka Lake. Please let us know if you are interested.
  7. C

    New to the group.

    Welcome Boat looks great
  8. C

    So I’m back

    Welcome back J When are you dunking her into Keuka? 22-August is the Trump rally boat parade if you’re interested. You could tie her up to the dock or better yet the neighbors dock.
  9. C

    Has anyone tried a Merx ProMax

    Has anyone tried the Mercury ProMax 4 Blade on an IO with big HP?
  10. C

    32P Bravo 1, Stock

    SOLD Sold
  11. C

    32P Spinelli Star 4 Blade

    Custom solid hub 32P Spinelli Star 4 Blade prop. Still in original box with less then 1 hour test time only. Paid $1,200. $500 plus the ride Will trade for 30P MAX5
  12. C

    30P Bravo 1 mint condition

    For sale 30p Bravo 1, $500 plus the ride. Prop is perfect Will send photos if interested
  13. C

    " For Sale" Labbed 28 Maximus 5 blade

    Brian is this Prop still for sale? Still for sale?
  14. C

    June 2020 Get together Keuka Lake

    Jim your boat looks awesome Wish I would have seen you earlier this weekend I apologize I forgot you were coming. I spotted that Checkmate from a very long distance, she looks fantastic. I buzzed back down to go out and play but your boat was empty so I just came back to my cottage. Call or...
  15. C

    June 2020 Get together Keuka Lake

    Fever, Looks like we will have to cancel the run due to lack of participation!