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Latest activity

  • G
    Went out today, and there were a few things different. It was 78*F and not 58*F, I had a full tank or at least 40 gallons of additional...
  • Choochmalooch
    I am listing my 1991 Checkmate Pulse 186. White with teal and pink stripes. I am the original owner and the boat is all original right...
  • R
    Reggie replied to the thread LOOKING FOR 21 or 24 Closed deck.
    Hi Double J, Thanks for sending the info on your 24 Checkmate. Any other pictures , info and pricing can be sent to my email...
  • D
    Hi I haven't actually listed it for sale yet. I will be taking better pictures Friday and probably listing it Saturday for sale. If...
  • 282
    282 replied to the thread Checkmate in Boating magazine.
    I just saw a that local to me a dealer is suppose to start selling Checkmates. I don't think I have have ever seen a brand new Checkmate...
  • G
    I have the Gen 2 Torquemaster. The one that has both the low water pickup in the torpedo and only 3 holes on each side from the factory...
  • jjg
    jjg replied to the thread Checkmate in Boating magazine.
    I would say the FS turned about 100-150 rpm more than the std bravo. And the shorter barrel really settled the stern down and gave the...
  • miller
    miller replied to the thread About to be new owner in Michigan.
    We had an 81 Eluder when I was a youngster. It came factory with a 260 Mercruiser set up. By the end we had a 400sbc in it. Loved that...
  • miller
    miller reacted to SCT's post in the thread '76 Jetmate jet boat with Like Like.
    Wow, beautiful job on the restoration......congrats!
  • miller
    miller reacted to Brandom's post in the thread '76 Jetmate jet boat with Like Like.
    Completely restored
  • G
    Did the FS turn at least 200 rpm higher than the standard Bravo 1? My FS is a good all around prop, but just not as fast. In cool...
  • jjg
    jjg replied to the thread Checkmate in Boating magazine.
    I originally started with a std bravo 24 with my 300 verado, and due to the longer tube it was lifting the stern too much and just like...
  • G
    I understand. I can run mine at WOT and leave it there, but i am constantly correcting. I can see the bow rocking a bit while I correct...
  • jjg
    jjg replied to the thread Checkmate in Boating magazine.
    With the 400 and the bravos great ability to provide stern lift, it really allows for tucking in the trim to put that bow into the rough...
  • jjg
    jjg reacted to Glenn Kornett's post in the thread Checkmate in Boating magazine with Like Like.
    Interesting, good comments! I have heard at least 2 comments counting yours where they felt the Sportsmaster was better for chine...