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Recent content by Hayabusa

  1. Hayabusa

    No posts here in two years!

    I’m still here, i don’t post much but I come on and look every once in while.
  2. Hayabusa

    2400 BRX/400R Optimizing

    Yeah man doing well, flying a lot staying safe and family is great to, hope you doing great as well. Dang that’s nice, I’m going to follow your lead.
  3. Hayabusa

    2400 BRX/400R Optimizing

    Hey Jeff it’s been a while, we’ve got to catch up 😎 Are you running the USP high flow pipes? Good stuff?
  4. Hayabusa

    2400 BRX/400R Optimizing

    I’ve gone as far back as 14” set back and got a lot of porpoising when on normal cruising speeds but I did achieve my highest mph, 83 with this set up with a 26 BBlades Blaster. I’ve since gone back to a 6” set back and running now a 24” Bravo.
  5. Hayabusa

    Pulsare 2100 vs 2400 Wake Size - Skiing

    I have the 2400 and slalom ski behind it on occasion the wake is to big if you are a serious slalom skier but it’s ok if you just ski for fun and don’t mind falling cause you got air and hit the 2nd wake awkwardly 😩😂 but it’s great for wake boarding. The 2100 definitely has a smaller wake better...
  6. Hayabusa

    " For Sale" Merc 400R

    I decided to keep it, the deal i was working on for a 450R didn't quite happen so no selling at this time.
  7. Hayabusa

    Florida checkmate check in

    How long is the lake? Can you run a couple of miles? Here in Martin County we have the St.Lucie River and every once in a while we have get togethers and run the river out to Lake Okeechobee.
  8. Hayabusa

    The new Checkmate 2400 Video

    At the 2min 11sec..... does that look like a notched transom?
  9. Hayabusa

    Hi Chris, I just sent payment for year re subscription plus a 2nd contribution bonus payment...

    Hi Chris, I just sent payment for year re subscription plus a 2nd contribution bonus payment, got to keep this Forum alive and well, great place to be and a great job you do, stay safe. My best, James “Hayabusa” Matthysse
  10. Hayabusa

    BRP to stop selling Evinrude?

    When I was living in Venezuela, in the 80’s I was a dealer with Evinrude and a dominating force in the outboard market down there, it was great to do battle in the races with Mercury, we had boats with looper V-4’s, V-6’s and 8’s plus heavily modified V-6’s and V-8’s with help from my friend...
  11. Hayabusa

    Corona Virus CM Check-In!

    Family and my self doing well hear in Palm Beach, hear as well Gov DeSantis ordered everyone to stay at home except essentials but it’s mind boggling how many people are ignoring that and still out and about, i part time as an air ambulance driver so I go to the airport when called and get to...
  12. Hayabusa

    " For Sale" Merc 400R

    Maybe so, got a lead on a 450R that I’m trying to make happen so I’m putting my 400R out there and try to sell
  13. Hayabusa

    Pulsare 2400 Bowrider/Verado 300 Pro

    I’m thinking that’s a 2012 Verado 300 Pro XS
  14. Hayabusa

    " For Sale" Merc 400R

    Couple more.
  15. Hayabusa

    " For Sale" Merc 400R

    Few mor pics.