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  • What's the outside look like?I just looked at a jetmate here on C-L Daytona.Gorgeous Boat!But I think I'm going to stayw/outboards.He also wants alot of money.6k..lol Going to look and see if I can find a pic.Thanks
    They might be the same, there is a 19ft TrimateII on craigslist here in the Fort Wayne IN area the guy only wants 350$ for her and it has a new floor in it and only needs seats.. I have too many here or I'd work a deal
    Hull # would be stamped in the back on the outside of the transom , the gas tanks is in the back and you can be as creative as you wish 1-260-760-0811 is my cell call me any time. Greg Reed
    Hey Reed!,could you do me a big faver and measure the opening of the bow on thatTRV17?Also,could you tell me how high the seats sit off the floor on that and the Trimate if you have it??fogot what I read.Thanks Bud.
    Hey John, I do have a 1973 TRV-17 but I promised that so someone that I have traded parts with..
    Do you have the old front seats or did they recover them?It looks awsome.What did they give you for the $2K ?
    Hey the motor I have is a 2.4 240-250 hp Merc, ~ Cooprider~ is about the best about finding old boat pics and details... I think if I remember right in 1973-1974 there was a fire at the plant and some of the molds were destroyed and they never made new ones I have the ( Mold for the trimate II now ) as soon as money gets better I will start making 1 off custom boats. I got lucky and chine walk went away after adding a ~ whale Tail~ most of the guys on here say ( no way that cured it ) but on my boat it did Lol Most of the guys on this site are very nice and will help any way they can.. Thanks for asking .... I'll help any way I can
    Hey Y'all Just found page recently want to say hi to everyone.Have an older 17' Checkmate B/R that needs some restoring.Anyone who has interior or seats/prefer origional buckets,panels,etc.Please contact me.Located in Fla. Thanks
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