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  • Randy, I would consider trading both my Checkmate 2800SX with twin 2.4's and my 1990 Starflite Hull/trailer completely rigged for Mercury for your 2011 Pulsare Hull/trailer depending upon what we can work out..not sure if you would even be interested or not...
    Hello Randy,

    We talked to sometime ago about pre owned Starflite's. I wanted to forward you my information in case you run across one.

    Best Regards, Mark

    I can also be reached via mpresley46@yahoo.com. Or 614 783-7091
    I was told you may have a cmc 10 " jack plate for sale...could you email or private message me either way? ballardnboyz@aol.com
    Hi Wildman, I'd like to ask for a bit of help/advice if you have the time.
    I have a 1968 G.W. Invader Torpedo Tunnel Hull I bought to restore it is rated for 150 hp I have seen pics of 2 Scott Atwater 75 hp outboard on it ( 2 = 336 lbs ) so... I was thinking of a 2.0-2.4 Merc on it ( the transom measures 25 in from top to the lowest point of one of the sponsons
    I'm building a little ~ hot rod~ out of it with some cool mods
    thanks for any info Greg Reed
    Hi randy, I have a question and I was told I should ask you..... I have an 87 convincor and I was wondering what your thoughts are on a radar arch on the style boat and if it looks good. I was thinking of makeing one but im not sure where to begin as what I should use for a core. I was going to wrap whatever is used in glass, ect, ect or do you have ANY ideas like measurments and what not. I dont have the boat hear because it is in storage now and I cant get to it. ANY info would be helpful, im sure. Thanks, John
    quick question if you have a second, i am about to go out of town and saw a checkmate bass boat listed. i cant see the logo but it is truely a bass boat set up. did cm ever make those?
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