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BRP to stop selling Evinrude?

Sam I am

Well-known member
Hmmmmmm...anyone want to buy a Starliner with G2 on it? Still has 3 years warranty on it! lol


Well-known member
When I ponder Evinrude, I think back upon those little 4-60 motors (Elto) in the Midget racers of yore. Methanol, toluene, castor oil, and some tetraethel lead to squelch engine knock. Spin em to nearly 8000 rpm and you could get 80 hp. Pretty cool stuff. Somewhat economical at the time too considering the cost of Offenhauser stuff.


Well-known member
When I was living in Venezuela, in the 80’s I was a dealer with Evinrude and a dominating force in the outboard market down there, it was great to do battle in the races with Mercury, we had boats with looper V-4’s, V-6’s and 8’s plus heavily modified V-6’s and V-8’s with help from my friend Gary Garbrecht (RIP) with Second Effort and Land & Sea’s Bob Bergeron, who taught me the fine art of porting, RIP my friend, we really tore up the race circuit and at the same time giving the Mercury powered race boats lots of headaches. I really was hoping that Evinrude would come out with a big 400+ HP engine, every year hoping to hear big news out of the Evinrude camp from the Miami Boat show. I’m sad but not surprised, Bombardier has closed down their commercial aircraft division concentrating solely on corporate aircraft, a big downsize move, and at that time I thought to my self “I hope they don’t stop making Evinrude’s”


Well-known member
Because of multiple Progressive Goverments

and a winey Eastern Province in which they are located,

Mine and every other Canadian's Tax dollars have been supporting that screwed up corporation for years. I wish Mercury would still have competition for the benefit of the consumer, but the truth is, for the last number of years, they weren't much competition anyway.

Good riddance.