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Recent content by Boat Dr

  1. B

    "Wanted" WTB 6" setback Hyd. Jackplate

    new or used? I can get you a new Bob's Action Jack for around $1100.0
  2. B

    Hello Chris I would like to know what it takes be a sponsor on this site?

    Hello Chris I would like to know what it takes be a sponsor on this site?
  3. B

    Supporting Members, Subscription Feature

    Can someone contact me a being a supporting vendor?
  4. B

    Outboard re powering

    Motors are out there all over the internet. Just make sure you have a good mechanic check it over. I am a Mercury dealer and have see a lot of people buy junk and didn't have it checked out. I'm in the process of redoing a 211 pulse with a 300XS, Uflex silver steer system and all Mercury...
  5. B

    Mounting a Motor to a Jack Plate

    I know they are more money but Mercury sells bolt kits with the thick washers in all different lengths.
  6. B

    Where are you from?

    Houston, Texas. Clear lake area.
  7. B

    96 Pulse 211 How fast

    I would like to see how a Pro ET would work. I will be running a sport aster lower.
  8. B

    96 Pulse 211 How fast

    What prop are you running dream4ta ?
  9. B

    96 Pulse 211 How fast

    Its getting checked out tomorrow and if all goes well head out 31st to go pick it up. There's not a lot of checkmates around us in Texas
  10. B

    96 Pulse 211 How fast

    I figure I will have add some strength somewhere.
  11. B

    96 Pulse 211 How fast

    I'm new to the group and I'm looking at buying a pulse 211, As of now it has a 200 efi on and I plan on taking that of and installing a 10" hydraulic jack plate and 300xs with a sport-master L/U. What do you think the top speed will be? I know the prop will be a big part.