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  • HI Convincor,

    I honestly don't know the answer to that one. If you call Checkmate at the factory, that might be something they could tell you. They've never really released production numbers that I'm aware of.

    hey chris.....any idea how many 30 checkmate convinsors with outboards were produced, and from when to when?? i just bought an 06 30 with 300x's i think you know the boat!!
    Hi Mike,

    I can't really give out members email addresses for privacy reasons...have you tried sending him a PM (Private Message)? Most members get email notifications if they get a private message, so perhaps that will help.

    Hi Chris, I was hoping you could help me.I've been trying to get in touch with mayanh8 to buy his Starflite ,but I haven't had any luck, it was two weeks after his last post and I guess he hasn't check the forum since.Can you get his email address for me,or email him for me.I can't think of any other way to get ahold of him.

    Thanks Mike Z
    Hi Steve,

    Welcome aboard. You're probably best to post your questions on the board as many of the guys are much better to answer versus me. But for the interior parts like seat skins etc. Checkmate will actually still do up some things for customers, or you can source things from a local shop. The windshield will probably be tougher, I don't think it will be available anymore, but perhaps I'm wrong. So usually if it's unavailable, you'll have to resort to wanted ads or eBay etc.

    hey chris hows it going im totally new to this site i have a 1975 inmate 11 with the 351 ford windsor moderatley modified to give it just a little more do u know where i can get some interior parts and a wind shield thanks steve
    Hey Jeff,

    Sorry about that. My Checkmate-Boats email address is probably filled up again...let me clear it out and get it going again.


    I can't email you for some reason, can you send me a new paypal invoice to rachelkopec@yahoo.com for my supporting vendor listings please.

    Hi Chris
    I'm a newbee and havn't figured out yet how to post a pic of my Mate --- is something special I need to do or configure --- I see at the bottom of my posting pages where it states "I may not post attachments"

    - Kurtster
    Hi NH,

    I've never owned that model, but I'm sure there are some members on the board that have had similar ones. I would suggest you post that message on the main forums. :)

    I have a 1987 checkmate tryiny to see if anyone nos anyth ing about this boat like what style ..don't no how to post anything
    Hi Muskoka, the pics in the Boat of the Year contest are the monthly winners from the past year. Most of the pics in the site's photo-gallery have to be compressed down a bit to work.
    Hey Chris, thanks for including my Checkmate, "Muskoka" November boat of the month in the annual Boat of the Year contest. Quite an honour. Can I send you a higher resolution image of the picture you posted?
    Unfortunately, most people don't have photo albums that are hosted here. In a nutshell, we don't allow people to upload files to our servers unless they are supporting members. And even most of the supporting members, don't use the personal gallery section in their profile area. Many members just use free image hosting sites like photo-bucket etc. as you mentioned which are unrelated to us. Many other supporting members will just attach image files with their posts and those images don't automatically go into a member's personal gallery. They will just appear in the specific post where they were attached. So the bottom line is that a member will have to utilize their personal gallery area for images for you to be able to find any and most members just don't. If you want to see an example of what the sites personal gallery's look like when used, check out my profile area and you'll see a few images that I uploaded to my area. Hopefully that makes sense.
    hey chris , its me again , ok i've read what you told me to.. and I am not getting anywhere, maybe i'm looking for something that does not exist..?? but i love this site. and cant get enough... and i'm a little slow when it comes to computors.. so heres the thing.. I see peoples avitar or a pic they posted and i want to check out there albums or pics of there boats. i go to there profile page and thats it!! i dont see anything that leads to that persons pics.. i know everybody doesnt have pics.. but a few guys i've asked this to say "oh yea" i got pics or yea photo bucket, do they have to give me the link or is it in there profile?? i can see my album posted in my profile but nobody elses... what am i doing wrong..
    Hi Ron,

    I see you got it figured out. Thanks for joining the supporter's group - I appreciate that. If you like, you can upload images to our photo-gallery as well as into your album. From both areas you can then re-post images into the forums. I use the gallery myself as I just prefer using it as it more readily shares the pics with everyone. :)

    Chris, Never mind my last post! I just became a supporting member! Woo hoo!
    Hi Chris, Just responded to your email. Thanks. Reading the posts below I think I finally get it. I can't upload pics to an album until I become a supporting member. What does it take to be a supporting member? This is a great site with a lot of helpful members!

    Thanks, Ron
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