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  • Hey Rover,

    Thanks for the kind words about the site - I appreciate them very much. Also, thanks for your recent donation and for becoming a supporting member. The wannabe name is just a posting rank that will change to various titles as your post count goes up. So before long that title will change to something else. :)

    Hi Chris, I just joined...what a great site. You do a wonderful job keeping things in check and I ahve found it to be VERY helpful in planning my 89 Starflite improvements.

    I do have a Q....how do I get rid of "wannabe" under my name...cuz I reallly dont wannbe a wannbe, I want to for real..
    Chris, can you add a line to my ad? Maybe under the yellow boat, put "Boats sold by WILDMAN" Or rigged by WILDMAN. It seems some people don't connect the two. Thanx, Randy

    I'm confused. You're logged in as merc245 right now, so what is it that you need help with? I gather the 88 509 account is a second account, so I've locked that one down.

    If there's something else you need help with, then let me know.

    Hi Chris, It Jeff merc245, First could you delete a pic I shouldn't of posted its over on the Things I do thread started by illmatic and its posted under 88 509 and its of suzi floating on the yellow mat. I would be in trouble if she finds out.

    And I haven't been able to workout how to re-sign up. Is it possible you can e-mail the sign up notice. mercury245@comcast.net

    Thanks Again, Jeff
    Hi Rmorris,

    I sent you a PM or private message.

    Have a look up on the navigation bar and below where your name appears. If you click on the link that says "Your Notifications" you should be able to open up your PM box.

    I would like to be a supporting member but I am not signed up with Paypal and have no intentions of doing so. So, would you send me your snail mail address and I'll send you a check. Also, you tell people to send you a PM - What's that.
    Hi drewman,

    Thanks for your interest in supporting the site once again - I appreciate that. I've re-enabled the forum auto-sign up system, so you can sign up once again through your control panel. Here's a link....


    If you need further help, please let me know.

    Thanks again for your kind interest in supporting the community. :)

    Chris, I would like to become a supporting member once again. Please let me know the process and how much etc. Thanks! Drewman
    Hi tushman,

    The wannabe title is just a user rank. Everyone starts out with the rank wannabe and as their post counts go higher, the titles change. I think the first change is at 25 posts or so. :)

    Im new at this FORUM stuff, or should I say Im OLD. Why does it say WANNABE under my name?
    at my age it should COULDHAVEBEEN or WANTEDTOBE or even WAS. (LOL) Id like to be YOUNGER.
    Thanks Chris,Just learning alot about the post,as well as the Boats we're crazy about.Been learning alot and have met a nice bunch of Guys in the process.Keep the info coming!
    Hi John,

    Welcome aboard!

    You're best bet is to post your questions on the board. There are lots of knowledgeable people on the forums that can probably help, way beyond what I can. :)

    Hi Chris,New to page and just wanted to say Hello.Down here near DaytonaBch.Alot of followers here..would like to send aPM,and ask alot of boat-related questions.Mostly interior,models,info.Thanks in advance.
    Being new to this site can I post an announcement thru you?
    I am Rick Elliott sales manager of Triton Marine Yacht Sales the new Checkmate Dealer on the Chesapeake Bay. Thanks
    Hey Reed - nice to hear from you. :)

    I'm still here brotha!

    I'd love to see the Invader! It would be awesome if you posted up some pics of it on EB. Did you take any pics during the resto?
    hey Chris everything ok? I haven't heard from you in a while ( I have a boat to share on your other site as soon as it is done ~ 1968 G.W.Invader Torpedo Tunnel Hull - full restore start to finish - if you would like me to post it I will. haven't heard from you in a while my friend
    Hi Jetmate,

    What are you looking for me to do exactly? Remove a particular pic? If so, which one? As for PhotoBucket, I don't use it and don't know a lot about it to be honest. But I would think anyone can access your files there, at least the ones that you've made accessible for hotlinking. As for how they could find your files, I would think they could probably figure that out just by just looking at the url of one of your pictures.

    Chris another member posted a picture from my photobucket. I don't know how he got int my photobucket,,I don't remember posting the link, but maybe I did a long time ago. I specifically left that photo out and would have preferred it not been posted. Please read through "Better late than never, Summer 2009". Thanks loads. Give me some pointers if you can. Maybe we can make this a rule like we did about comments on items for sale. I really enjoy the web site and think you do a wonderful job keeping a handle on things! Thanks again Jet
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