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Recent content by ianz

  1. ianz

    Looking for a Promax or Bravo 1FS 28P

    curious to know what ran better the Bravo or the pro max
  2. ianz

    October 2021's Boat of the Month Nominations!

    Mike Ware @ 2021 Muskoka Checkmate Rally
  3. mikeware 2.jpg

    mikeware 2.jpg

  4. ianz

    Where are you from?

  5. ianz

    October 2020's Boat of the Month Nominations!

  6. ianz

    October 2020's Boat of the Month Nominations!

    Trying to ad a drone shot of the 2020 Checkmate rally.
  7. ianz

    August 2020's Boat of the Month Nominations!

    We have an incredible shot from this weeks Muskoka checkmate rally but unable to post the picture
  8. ianz

    21 Pulsare vs 201 Spectra

    I have owed both . Pulsare is faster with the same power and easier to drive . It also has more usable space Spectra 201 with 225 3.0 EFI 71-72 mph 2100br with 225 pro XS 76-77 mph
  9. ianz

    New Designs from Checkmate for your Consideration.

    Clean and simple always wins in the long run.
  10. ianz

    New Member from Canada w/first Checkmate

    2020 muskoka checkmate rally There is also a checkmate rally on lake muskoka , Date has not been finalized yet. We can easily practice social distancing
  11. ianz

    Poor performance

    try a 23p prop. that should be perfect for your setup
  12. ianz

    Pulse 186 Porpoising; Jackplate & Smart Tab?

    The 10” jack plate will make it worse . If you reeallly want a jack plate consider a smaller 5” on. Different prop may help
  13. ianz

    1990 Pulse 186 with 200hp yamaha top speed

    Where are you located. Pm me
  14. ianz

    1990 Pulse 186 with 200hp yamaha top speed

    That hull with a 175 will be over 60. With a 200 and 25p it should be 66-67 What gears do you have.?