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Recent content by MateFever

  1. M

    Carpet suppliers

    Ive used Capri discount flooring out of Georgia. It was a recommendation on here back when i redid my predictor. Great selection and prices.
  2. M

    " For Sale" 1982 Predictor

    Boat finally sold, after three years of trying for a whopping 2 grand.
  3. M

    21 pulsare prop and motor height

    Another option is the powertech tr04. It's similar to a trophy plus but has additional rake added. Really a great performer on my starflite.
  4. M

    Even More CL Finds!

    JW, that pulsare has had a floor replacement. And if memory serves that was a brand new power head on that opti. Might have to look up the build, that doesn't help you trying to not be interested though ��
  5. M

    Look for a 25 or 26 pitch prop

    Welcome, you've picked a great boat. Many starflite owners on here and all have regretted getting rid of them (for those that have). Great looking boats. This thread talks about the testing that has been done for this hull and what props seemed to work. I run a 24 pitch Powertech TR04 on mine...
  6. M

    " For Sale" 1982 Predictor

    Bump, boat needs to move. Make me an offer, it's too nice to just sit.
  7. M

    April 2017's Boat of the Month Nominations!

    I'll give this a shot.
  8. M

    " For Sale" 96 Pulsare 2100 - 97 Merc 200 EFI

    Somebody got themselves an awesome boat. I'm surprised that it didn't sell in a day. Had I not been so attached to my starflite I'd have been all over this. What are you getting next?
  9. M

    Can I get some opinions on this prop?

    Black max engines don't have rev limiters so you are actually spinning the engine to 7000 rpm, nothing wrong with the tach at all. 5500 is the designed rpm pilot for that engine however you can safely run it up to 6000. Any more than that you are playing with fire.
  10. M

    89 Starliner Factory Restore...Finished. (pic heavy)

    Sam, you are one of the fortunate few to be able to have a flite/liner made new again from the factory. What an amazing looking boat, take as many pictures as you can.
  11. M

    Even More CL Finds!

    Iowa laws require you list your capacity at the back of the boat. Although, I've had my boats on the water for 6 years and have never been told to put it on.
  12. M

    The Ideal Starflite Prop!

    I'm going to bring this to the top and announce that Mark is absolutely 100% right about the powertech tro4. I searched and searched for an idea on the right prop and after re reading this thread lucked out and was able to snatch one from jross. Yesterday was the first time I've had the boat out...
  13. M

    Enticer Speeds??

    I have the prop he ran on it if you get interested.
  14. M

    Starflite Oxidation Removal Project

    Yep, the result of sitting in the water and of course lake red rock hard water. Mary Kate on and off for outboards and outdrives took care of it after about 10 applications. Next time I will use the toilet bowl cleaner.
  15. M

    Starflite action shots.

    Finally got around to getting pictures off the camera from the last 7 months and got some good pictures of the family and my Starflite over the 4th week. My aunt came to visit from Pittsburgh so had to make sure it was ready too impress.